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"Since discovering Omega Fields Horseshine on our barefoot list and being thrilled with the results on my horses, I started using Canine Shine for my chocolate lab. She has always had an extraordinary dark chocolate coat and she has been on Canine Shine since she was a puppy. We ran out a year or so ago and in the bustle forgot to buy more. After several months we noticed that Moxie looked like the “other” chocolate labs we knew, faded and sunburned looking even though she gets premium dog food. We remembered our Canine Shine, ordered more and within a week or so her former luster returned. Now we tell everyone about our “secret” to the best dark chocolate coat in town."
- Teresa Ruth, ID
"I have been a user of Omega Fields Health® products (Delicious Greens and Mega Omega®) for almost five months now. Every year my workplace gives us the opportunity to have a health risk assessment, consisting of a blood panel and consultation. From last year to this year my diet hasn’t varied too much, but ever since I started using Omega Fields Health® products, my health sure did! My total cholesterol dropped from 182 to 174, with my LDL (Bad cholesterol) going from 120 to 88, and my good cholesterol going up from 49 to 70! All of my other numbers fell right where they should. I was the only one in my company to score a perfect 100 points in this year’s Health Risk Assessment! Thank you Omega Fields Health!"
- Andrew Pribyl, WI
"ENRECO®, Inc. is your supplier of value-added, nutritional ingredients and inclusions—primarily whole and ground flaxseed—to the food and nutritional products industries throughout the world. Our Sterling Choice® premium flaxseed is all natural, non-GMO, whole grain, gluten free, kosher and AIB certified, and also available in organic. ENRECO® flaxseed is stabilized for up to a two year self life and it’s a rich source of antioxidants, dietary fiber, lignans, and protein. If you are looking for healthy, Omega-3-rich ingredients for your bakery, beverage, cereal, pasta, or batters or breakings products, then enter the world of ENRECO®."
"I have used Omega Horseshine on my show horses and it works wonders. We purchased another horse last year that had been somewhat retired out in pasture. His coat was dull and weathered as you will see in the before picture. But you will see what Omega Horseshine did for his coat and health, the glow comes from within there are no spray products on his coat to enhance it.

Only 11 weeks later he won Champion in hand.

The photo's below are of the before photo and then his coat blossomed again this year and you can see in the second attached photo, he won U.S. Sport Horse Nationals Reserve Champion in hand. This horse is 16 years old!

I love your product and will always use it, It does everything that is says it does. They are healthy and happy and have no itchy spots, the coat glows from within."
- Customer
"My finicky TWH mare "A Delightful Sunrise" aka "Siren" just loves your Omega Nibblers! I had such a time finding anything she enjoyed to use with my clicker training. I first bought a smaller bag to make sure, and I just re-ordered a large bag. She is the "Princess" of the barn, and people remark how beautiful her coat and mane and tail are. Her mane has grown 5 inches since February, and her hoofs are hard and smooth. As soon as I finish the hoof supplement I am using I will be ordering your Omega Grande Supplement to use with her grass hay. She is my favorite trail horse during the week and my show horse on weekends!

Thanks again for creating such a great product!"
- Customer
"After a hard day’s work of herding cows, steers, and sheep – Annie knows that it was all worth it because at the end of the day she will be rewarded with Omega Nuggets. Even when she has been outside in the pasture and working around the farm - filthy with mud and dirt – her coat still shines. Everyone who see’s Annie asks how come she is always shiny and soft? I reply – Omega Nuggets and she actually has not gotten a bath in weeks! Omega Nuggets have made Annie’s coat healthy, kept her joints mobile, reduced her shedding and she has no hot spots. Annie is proud to be an official Omega Fields Ambassador."
- Allison Kellogg, WI
"I eat my Mega Omega with a cup of non-fat yogurt, 1/2 tsp of brown sugar, and a big dash of cinnamon. It's wonderful."
- Cat McKeen, VT
""Nutrition for the Healthy Equestrian Life"

Omega Fields is the supplier of flaxseed-based supplements for the health and welfare of the animals you love — horses, dogs and cats, and humans, too! We are the maker of easily digestible Omega Horseshine®, the award-winning, uniquely formulated equine supplement that promotes healthy skin and hooves, luxurious coats, and smooth muscle action. It further lessens muscle cramps and prevents sand colic. Omega Canine Shine and Omega Purrfect Cat Food offer like benefits for your hunting companions and house pets."
- Omega Fields
"Flax is a great nutritional supplement for you, and Omega Fields Health provides you with the information and the products to assist you in achieving the healthy life you deserve. Our Mega Omega® and Simply Omega-3™ Stabilized Flax supplements, convenient Omega Smart Bars, and Delicious Greens 8000 and Perfect Purples antioxidant drink mixes make healthy eating easier than ever. Our customers are always pleased to find out that our Omega-3-rich, flax products are produced to kosher and American Baking Institute standards. Nothing but the best flax for you!"
- Omega Fields Health
"I started using Simply Omega after I saw how much Omega-3 supplementation benefited my horse and dog. At the time, I was most interested in the heart healthy aspects of flax for myself. I had tried fish oil but just couldn't get past the odor. (That was before I discovered your wonderful OMAX capsules. They have, since then, been added to my daily supplement lineup to help fight arthritis pain and support hearth health.) What I quickly found out was that Simply Omega flax had the added benefit of keeping my irritable bowel under control. I had tried many supplements and drugs over the years without success. Painful days and sleepless nights were the norm several times each week. But shortly after I started taking a daily serving of Simply Omega those symptoms became a rarity. And although I don't usually like yogurt, when I mixed in my serving of Simply Omega, I found that the slightly nutty taste made getting that extra serving of dairy a daily pleasure. I'll never be without this supplement again. Thank you for a fine product at an affordable price."
- Mary Stephens